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TV is back for me!

For a long time, I did not watch TV. I was in a creative mode and continued to write on my blog as well as ‘nursing’ my crime fiction, Deadly Sacrifice. As it is now going to be published in the summer, I started to prepare myself to write the next in the series. So, I decided that it was time to start to watch TV and find a new way to get ideas. In a previous article, I had wondered whether I was fickle because all I wanted to watch was Housewives of Cheshire, which is light, frothy and deliciously gossipy.  

The series ended with the girls having a reunion in the studio and scratching at one another like cats. It is back again at the end of March. I am happy that the the Housewives is a franchise as it means many more for me to watch.  I need entertainment to keep me  away from the depressing news of Coronavirus! 

So, what did I take away from the Cheshire girls?

The Housewives of Cheshire are proud to live in the most expensive homes in an area in Cheshire, UK, popularly known as the Golden Triangle.

There is Dawn Ward, who reminds me of a Mafia Queen in her kingdom at her sprawling mansion Warford Hall, where minions come to tell her who said what behind her back.

Then the beautiful statuesque Prague Princess, Ester, whose main dream was to be on the centre page spread of Playboy magazine in her country, and she achieved this. She is married to a rich man, and they have an open relationship. She comes across as dizzy, but I think she’s a smart girl.

I also admired gutsy, former glamour model and footballer wife, Tanya Bardsley. She loves her botox like most of the girls and is a serial businesswoman. She was even shortlisted for businesswoman of the year but did not win.

Image by Adalia Botha -Unsplash


My entertainment

Housewives is scripted, surreal but hugely entertaining.  It it has thrust me away from my bookish world to one where girls make an effort to look glam either through plastic surgery, botox or exquisitely applied makeup. They also seem to dress up for every occasion, try to have a good time, and are not afraid of airing their feelings of anger in public or on national TV.

Through watching them I learnt that you should try and have as much fun as possible in life, and if a relationship or marriage is not working then move on!

These girls taught me that it is not a bad thing to ‘hook’ a well-heeled man( ah ah ah is there any out there?) who is indulgent and supportive of your dizzy projects.

That you can wear glittery outfits and heels any time of the day to have a good time.  The show has enabled them to amass large followings on social media and create different businesses.

Perhaps I sounded a bit tongue-in-cheek but seriously I have learnt from the girls.  

Right, I have started watching Real Housewives of Potomac and…. Smoking!

So, ciao!

Image by Obi Onyeador – Unsplash


About Stella

Stella’s debut fiction, Deadly Sacrifice, a police procedural set in London and Nigeria and introducing the first black African female police detective in UK fiction, was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize in 2016 and will be published by Jacaranda Books Art Music Ltd in July 2020.  Sign up to her mailing list to get updates.

Stella is currently writing the 2nd in the series.

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