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Stella, looking serious – Top by Adun (Ogudu, Lagos)

This was no journey at all! Most Africans have an innate sense of style so it was a culture shock when I first arrived in the UK and realised that I had to dress down to fit in.

But as soon as the sun reluctantly peeps out we dig into our wardrobes and extract our colourful clothes. As more Africans came to settle in Britain with many clustered around London, the society started to get used to how we dressed up for occasions and to church. This was more around areas that were known to be predominantly African like Peckham and Woolwich in South East London, Dalston and Dagenham area in East London.

I was always happy to wear my colourful Nigerian outfits to occasions and church in the summer and was proud to show off my pictures to work colleagues.

Image by Africa Fashion Week

Compared to about even 10 or 15 years ago Ankara tops, skirts, dresses, jackets are now common place. Ghana Kente is now made in varying stunning designs. Indeed it seems that every material is malleable in the hands of these designers. They are not afraid to experiment with materials and colours.

Image by Africa Fashion Week

I am looking forward to 9th and 10th of August when Africa Fashion Week will descend on London! It is exciting and exhilarating.

So, should you! Try and grab a ticket for one or both days.

For more information go to AFWL website

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