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Are my fickle?

I am currently writing a long article on the humble Plantain which a lot of people think is big banana! I am also working on a non-fiction book and plotting my next crime series.  You see, my debut fiction, Deadly Sacrifice is coming out in the summer and of course I wrote it a long time ago. With all that buzzing around my head and a day job to hold down it is difficult not to turn to light entertainment.

Well, that’s my excuse. So, I do not watch the news unless it is thrust in my face on google. I watch (Drum roll!)…. Real Housewives! My current one is Real Housewives of Cheshire. It is light, has British glam and is fluffy as a cotton candy. Light entertainment is what I like. I do not have to think and can doze off to Dawn Ward(scary Dawn) sounding like Mama Mafia as she scowls when she hears someone else has been mouthing about her.

So, if I am that fickle in my TV watching there must be others like me.  Do you believe that life is too serious to waste on hard documentary or bad news.  Then dive deep into something that you like! Before my housewives of Cheshire which still has 7 more episodes for me to watch, I watched the Crown.  So, does that say something about people like us who refuse to watch serious entertainment. I told a colleague of mine that I kill characters and sad things happen in my book so I must have light entertainment.

If you’re like me then welcome to my world and let us share tips on what else to watch.  I think I will watch Real Housewives of Atlanta next!

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