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I was a reading machine. It started from the age of 10 when I discovered my mum’s novels. For as long as I had known he r she had her head buried in a book and it used to annoy me. One day, I sat down to scan one of the books to see what it was all about. And I was hooked!

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I read everything. Comics, Romance, Horror, Sci-fi, Literary, Crime. I had favourite books – Pride and Prejudice, Emma, The Little women. I loved Agatha Christie – she became a staple – long dead in faraway in cold England while I followed her exotic characters under the scorching Nigerian sun.

Teenage geek

I continued through my teens till university. It pleased Dad – no boys. Not that he had anything to worry about. Unlike my curvy friends, I was tall, flat chested with bottle thick lenses that made the eyes water. Dad was a practical man and picked glasses that suited his pocket. Looks were not that important.

After university I continued my literary geek journey. I read Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis and cried. Putting me in a library was like giving birthday and Christmas in one.

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I was ethereal in a land of practical reality where it was more important to eat 3 square meals, have electricity, water and a good roof over your head.

Transition to writing

But it was all for a reason.

My brother recently recalled that period of when I was between 10 and 16 years. “You were manic. You read everything.” It did not surprise him when I announced that I wanted to be a writer.

I am still a reading machine. But, guess what. I am no longer alone – having kindred spirits all over the world who have their own stories. I listen to many on podcast – 88 cups of tea, Books & Rhymes, Not Another Book Podcast.

We link up on twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We bond in book fairs and festivals.

I am content. No money can buy that.

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2 years ago

Like you ,I was in my element being surrounded by books.the magical transformation into my own world. My after school hours and a big chunk of school holidays was spent tucked up between the shelves of the library where my mum worked reading everything from magazines ,encyclopedias personal library made up of discarded library books was impressive.
I hope to find the time to share some experiences in writing