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I am a member of the private London library and love it!

Thanks to Jacaranda’s Twenty in 2020 .

Not that I have anything against public libraries. I was a librarian for many years and very loyal to libraries. I told my ex colleagues how nice it was to place my Macbook, phone and valuables on my writing desk to pop off for a hot drink or the loo knowing that I could still come back to them. You do that in most public libraries at your own risk!

I love the fact that there is space allocated for eating and drinking on the top floor. I have also started to make new friends with different experiences.

Books, Books, Books

The library has history and a great book collection. I am in the middle of editing and writing so will not explore the books yet. It is a treat for when I put the ‘pen’ down on my work and finally hand it in to the publisher.

I promise you that I am not being elitist. Just real.


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2 years ago

Should be a good and fascinating read.
Tempted to ask for the blurb, but will patiently wait for it to be published