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Ah ah!….I  created this blog to write about things that interests me and share what  I have learned along my journey.   The wisdom I gathered along the way is out there for all but  time is short and we can’t  absorb all we need within our waking hours.  We all lead busy lives so I intend to provide my  information in simple digestible forms.

I  love the way a good diet contributes directly to physical and mental health.   Practising this has greatly improved my wellbeing.

My passion with Blockchain stems from my fascination with emerging technology.  I believe  as many people as possible need to jump in and understand how this particular platform can change our lives.  I might delve into Artificial Intelligence soon!

I will also share the sites of people that have touched and inspired me with their content be it through blogs, podcasts and videos. I hope you’ll enjoy time with me and look forward to connecting.

Check out my about page.

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